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Wolfgang A Cappella : Members : Tate
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Tate Rogers    [Past Member]
AIM: Elminster48
Year Joined: 2004
Year Left: 2009
Major(s): Mechanical Engineering (Likely to be Herbology soon though)
Minor(s): Suavness, Haberdashery
Zodiac: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Hometown: Apex, NC
Pets: Frisker, my 14-year old cat that lives at my dad's, man he's cool, and still alive! I have also had a number of other cats in the past, though I believe that Frisk was the first, and still has lasted! And Fango the Stuffed Shark of course.
Favorite Disney Movie: Ooh, that's a tough one, umm, I'm a big fan of alot of the Music from Aristocats, I'll have to get back to you on this.
Favorite Video Game: This is like asking an artist what his Favorite Colour is umm, maybe Final Fantasy 7, or maybe something more old school like Life Force, Mike Tyson's Punch out, or River City Ransom, not sure there.
What you do when not singing with Wolfgang: Saving the world, schooling fools, and of course break-dancing. Occasionally I've been known to eat too.
Favorite Quote: "Comedy is like a song, it has rythms, themes, and structure that change to delight the observer" - Rough Version of a George Carlin Quote