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What do you guys sing?
- Anything and everything! Mostly fun stuff that's kind of contemporary, though. To see what we're singing now, check out our Repertoire page!
Can you sing at my event?
- If we are available, we almost certainly would be interested! Please email us for further inquiry.
Can I be in the group?
- We are welcome to all auditionees! We usually have auditions at the beginning and/or end of each semester. You will need to prepare a short solo to show off your voice. Email us for current details.
Do you have any CDs or clips I can listen to?
- But of course! Check out the Albums page and our MySpace page.
When do you practice?
- Practice is very important to us! We practice from 7-10 PM on Mondays and Thursdays.
My question isn't here!
- Please send us your question so we can add it!